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TT Ranch Group is one of the country’s leading firms representing fine ranches and specialty properties in the multimillion-dollar range, with a unique focus on high-net-worth clients and exclusive opportunities within the United States and beyond. Our client reach, connections, database and resources include those of the world’s most powerful and prestigious realty brands. Most importantly, our long and strategic alliance with Sotheby’s International Realty provides an unparalleled level of regional, national and international exposure, with nearly 1,100 offices in 81 countries and territories — an unbeatable 26,000 sales associates in all — working together.

TT Ranch Group brings an assertive but sophisticated approach to the marketing of elite properties. We leverage extensive print, online, social media and PR relationships to gain maximum exposure for our sellers’ properties. We also seek creative ways to generate event and promotional marketing for our listings. One of our many differentiators is that we produce our own collateral, and we align with third-party brands when beneficial. TT Ranch Group also collaborates with other brokerages and agents within our targeted areas, to create cross-marketing opportunities and to gain concentrated exposure within the local and global real estate communities.

We have spent years tracking and analyzing metrics, demographics and ROI, all to ensure that we are utilizing the best avenues — turning over every rock we can — to pair properties with new owners. No two ranches are the same. They each tell their own story and may even appeal to polar-opposite buyers. Our job is to deduce where the most likely clients are — and the media they like best — then create a custom-tailored marketing plan for each of our properties.

Online Marketing

  • Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s
  • Sotheby’s International Realty
  • Lands of Texas
  • Farm & Ranch
  • Lone Star Outdoor News

Digital Marketing

  • Email Blasts
  • Social Media
  • Instagram | Facebook
  • Youtube | LinkedIn
  • Sponsored Ads
  • Digital Ads

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Print Advertising

  • Wall Street Journal
  • Texas Monthly
  • Dallas Business Journal
  • Dallas Morning News
  • Park Cities People
  • Preston Hollow People
  • Modern Luxury Dallas
  • Luxe Interiors and Design
  • 360West Magazine
  • Papercity
  • Austin Business Journal
  • Houston Business Journal
  • San Antonio Business Journal
  • San Antonio Express-News
  • Statesman
  • American City Business Journal
  • Fort Worth Star-Telegram
  • Lands of America
  • Land Magazine
  • The Land Report
  • Land Broker
  • Garden & Gun
  • Open Fences
  • The Cattleman
  • Covey Rise
  • Lone Star Outdoor News

Direct Mail

Targeting the highest prospective customers across different regions with:

  • Trifolds
  • Brochures
  • Postcards
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How we make a property come alive

Digital Content

A great deal of our time and effort goes into identifying the top-selling features of each ranch. We then plan the best way to highlight those features through brilliant photography and interactive lifestyle videography that helps buyers visualize how they might enjoy those characteristics on their own or with their family. We pride ourselves on using the finest photographers and videographers in the business. We also utilize 4K Ultra HD video and high-resolution ground and aerial photography, something that is synonymous with the Sotheby’s International Realty brand. Our world-class content brings a property to life in the eyes of a potential buyer — and gives them an intriguing idea of what to expect before ever setting foot on the ranch.

How we see the things you can’t see

Interactive Mapping

We use advanced mapping software to illustrate the intricate features of a property that often don’t appear in aerial photographs. We plot roads, creeks, rivers, lakes, fencing, structural improvements, water wells, easements, topography variances, floodplains, nearby features and other key components — all to provide a complete and interactive understanding of the land. When showing a property, we utilize this software to demonstrate exactly where we are at any given time and to summarize the exact path we took. This helps us recap which parts of the ranch were experienced and which were not. This knowledge is vital to the vetting and closing processes of any ranch — instilling a better understanding of each property and, hence, maximum confidence for our buyers.

How we deliver our compelling content

Online Marketing

Today, first impressions are made online — where virtually every property search begins. It is more important than ever to ensure that your listing is not only seen on all the relevant websites but also to stand out from the other offerings. TT Ranch Group leverages enhanced online advertising methods to increase visibility and further maximize the exposure your property receives. Each ranch is featured on our,, — with its 48 million annual visitors — and dozens of other top sites.

Our unique is also synced with and its affiliates, which include Lands of America, Land & Farm, and LandWatch. We have platinum positioning for our properties within the network, which ensures premium placement for our listings. What’s more, our website refreshes three times daily to ensure our direct affiliates have the most accurate data in real-time. Our listings are also often featured on a plethora of other top websites such as Farm & Ranch,, The Land Report, Land Broker MLS, the local MLS, and others. In total, TT Ranch Group and our dozens of affiliates deliver more than 700 million impressions annually for our clients. Our pledge: If someone is looking to buy a ranch, it will simply be impossible for that buyer to miss a ranch that is listed with us.

How we maximize a most powerful medium

Print Advertising

At TT Ranch Group, we understand the unique power of print media in capturing the attention of potential sellers and buyers. Our print advertising is designed to complement our digital efforts, providing a comprehensive marketing strategy that maximizes a property’s visibility. Our team crafts visually compelling materials and custom brochures that highlight the unique features of our properties, leaving a lasting impression on potential buyers. We may place these in top publications locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, depending on each marketing strategy. From local newspapers or community publications to the renowned Wall Street Journal, we ensure prime placement and maximum exposure for a property. We may also employ print advertising in premium ranch and land magazines. And, because we know that not all ranch buyers see these mediums — and because sometimes it’s better to be one of one rather than one of many — we sometimes seek opportunities to feature our ranches in lifestyle or business publications where qualified clients may not expect to see a ranch for sale.

How we reach people who are passionate about ranches

Social Media

At TT Ranch Group, we have a wide-ranging suite of digital advertising services that elevate our listings and connect with potential buyers. Our personalized strategies leverage the power of online platforms to ensure our properties stand out and reach our target market. We harness the influence of social media with consistent exposure across multiple platforms including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Through high-quality photos and immersive videos, we capture the essence of a property to engage and captivate our audience. Through content creation, video marketing, social media advertising and targeted advertising campaigns, we spark interest and drive organic traffic to our listings in real time.

How we get the word to our world

Database E-mail and Direct Mailing

We have spent a lifetime networking and establishing trusting relationships within the ranch and land space. These relationships have been built through friendships, experiences, past deals, entertainment events, awards ceremonies, trade shows, sponsored events, and much more. Through these experiences, we have built an extensive database of vetted, high-net-worth individuals who trust us and our brand. Our database is perhaps the single most valuable asset we employ for our clients. We build targeted e-mail campaigns, strategically crafted newsletters, and pointed mailers that keep the individuals in our database informed about the latest listings, exclusive opportunities, and exciting new updates. Because we are selective about what we send and to whom we send it, our designated e-mail campaigns have extremely high click-through and retention rates.

How mixing and mingling can be the best marketing of all

Event Marketing

TT Ranch Group is active in various ranch-and-land communities, including hunting enthusiasts, anglers, cutting-horse breeders, cattle ranchers, farmers, land bankers, conservationists and many more. We are proud of our ongoing membership and active roles in so many of these special kinships. We also often sponsor and/or participate in events held within each of these unique segments. Through events like these — and some out-of-the-box events we host ourselves — we bring additional awareness to the brand and our properties.

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